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The Youth Junction Inc. manage the Visy Cares Hub in Sunshine, Victoria, which offers a diverse and specialised range of youth services to young people aged 12-25yrs.

The Visy Cares Hub

The Visy Cares Hub is the largest co-located youth services centre Melbourne’s Western Region. We have 20 services on site and three visiting services. The HV McKay Bulk Store which is the last remaining heritage building of the Harvester Factory site was refurbished in 2006 to create the Visy Cares Hub as a one-stop-shop for disadvantaged young people aged between 12-25 years.


Youth Community & Law Program (YCLP)


The Youth Community and Law Program has been running since 2009 from the Visy Cares Hub in Sunshine and from Youth Central in Broadmeadows since 2016.  The program engages young adults aged between 18-25 years for up to six months prior to sentencing to reduce risk factors and underlying causes of criminal activity. The YCLP has been funded for almost 10 years through multiple sources, on the strength of evidence indicating that collaborative practice in the not-for-profit sector, combined with therapeutic jurisprudence by the Courts, demonstrates beneficial outcomes, not only for young adults, but also the justice system and its affiliated services.


o   Reduced risk of reoffending

The YCLP reduces the risk of reoffending in two ways. First, the program helps young adults to address the root causes of their problems. Second, the program minimises the sentence that individuals receive, keeping many participants out of prison and the negative consequences incarceration produces.

o   Gives magistrates more latitude in sentencing

Recent legislative changes have affected magistrates’ ability to sentence individuals found guilty in their courts. The YCLP allows individuals to demonstrate tangible outcomes, including engagement with support services, giving magistrates confidence when determining an appropriate sentence.

o   Responds to the Government priorities principles of government reform

The initiative responds to several Government policies and key areas of government reform:

  • Intervene early to reduce recidivism rates and the prison population
  • Better coordinate service provision to Victorian citizens
  • Provide public servants with the tools they need to do their jobs

o   Economic benefit

By minimising the individual’s interaction with the criminal justice system and incarceration rate, the YCLP offers economic benefits. The program’s immediate benefit is to reduce the average incarceration time of program participants by 20 days. The cost-benefit analysis estimates reduced incarceration costs of $6,700 for each program participant. Further, the program improves the individual’s employment outcomes, increasing the overall economic benefit to approximately $19,000 per person

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Crime Choices and Consequences (CCCP)


The Crime, Choices and Consequences Program (CCCP) is a pre-sentence program developed in 2010 for young adults aged 18-25 years who have been referred by the Sunshine and Werribee Magistrates Court to the Prevent Alcohol and Risk-related Trauma in Youth ( P.A.R.T.Y) Intervention Program. The program is provided by The Youth Junction Inc. (TYJinc.) in partnership with the Magistrates Court of Sunshine, Werribee and Broadmeadows, the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH), VicPol and the Judy Lazarus Transition Centre (JLTC).

There are three primary components to the CCCP; a pre-PARTY session of presentations to groups of 40 participants by VicPol, TYJinc and JLTC around the consequences of reoffending and life in prison; a full one day workshop at the Royal Melbourne Hospital where participants have the opportunity to meet victims of road traffic offences, engage in presentations by RMH staff where they gain an insight into the functioning of a large trauma hospital in Melbourne;  and a post-PARTY session where participants prepare their pre-sentence reports for court, outlining what the impact of the program has been on their attitudes and behaviour.  There has been in excess of 2000 young people through the program since its inception.

Youth Umbrella Project 1800 INTAKE (468253)


The Youth Umbrella Project addresses recidivism and offending behaviour by vulnerable young people between the ages of 12-24 years who have had contact with or have a demonstrated risk of becoming involved with the criminal justice system. It is currently funded by the Department of Justice and Regulation under their Youth Crime Prevention Grants initiative that was launched in 2016.

North-West – Youth Learning Pathways Program (NW-YLP)


The NW-YLP is a Department of Education and Training funded project awarded to the north-west consortium of organisations including TYJinc. YouthNow, Centre for Multicultural Youth and Melton City Council to address the risk-taking and offending behaviour of young people aged 12-24 years, by implementing protective factors relating to education, employment and training across Melton, Wyndham and Brimbank. This program was launched in July 2018 and will work with at minimum 270 young people across a two year period to June 2020.


Countering Anger and Learning Moderation (CALM)


CALM is a 6-12 week Program that  focuses on the following areas:

  • Developing clear understating of personal issues
  • Developing effective coping strategies
  • Developing awareness around consequences and impacts of actions on the self and others
  • Developing positive interpersonal relationships
  • Developing and understanding the importance of self-care strategies

 To be eligible to participate in the CALM Program you must be aged between 16-25 years of age, and be experiencing difficulty managing anger and aggressive behaviors and thoughts.

 Regular 1 hour sessions with our experienced anger management facilitator developing personalized anger management strategies to deal with each individuals specific needs.

In the absence of YUP, young people are likely to continue to experience vulnerabilities and a range of disadvantages that place them at significant risk. Many of the young people are disengaged from education, employment and training, exiting Out of Home Care or have recently been discharged from youth detention settings or police custody. Some are children of adults currently serving prison sentences and can also often be the carers of younger siblings or in the case of the older youth, have children of their own

The Upskill Barista is a 6-week PRE – accredited training program where we assist young people 16 – 25 years old in gaining skills in coffee making the young people how to brewing coffee, steam the milk, foam art, customer service, housekeeping and money handling.


Our Chop & Chat Cooking Program was established due to that a lot of our young people receive government benefits and they are unsure on how to cook so they have no choice but to purchase fast food what this program provides is the skills to cook for themselves, commercial kitchen experience as well as a social component to be able to open up in social circumstances.
Need For P’s is a program to assist young people in getting their licence. If a young person needed assistance in achieving a learners permit or their probational licence we can assist with some test fees, 5x 45 min lessons and test instructor fees.
Better Outcomes Project is a football program to assist the CALD community in focusing their energy the positives in their lives, by continuing this program we are able to establish stronger bonds with the young men in the western region.
Cut And Shin is a 24 week PRE – Accredited course split into 2 terms the first 12 weeks is the         Beginners class where they learn the introduction into Barbering and the basics on cutting hair. The second 12 weeks is built on more technical skills. With this program we aim to create employment pathways through apprenticeships.